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Solace - December 2020


What's New?


"Solace" is a collaborative music video directed by Dancer/Choreographer Anouk Otsea with music composed by myself and cinematography by Ryan Cortes Perez. Anouk and I both share the love for their hometown of Juneau, or its native Tlingit name- Lingìt Aanì, which has raised them, inspired them, and kept them creating throughout the pandemic.

Free Movement - June 2018


"Free Movement" kicked off Anouk and I's collaborations, when a hike turned improvised dance shoot inspired a composition that I added later. Realizing that music could be composed after the movement was an awakening for both of our young creative careers.

"Recyclers of the Spirit World" is an ode to life, death, and rebirth through the mycelia. This. song is the fourth track on my EP, "The Daydreamer EP", and features lead vocals performed by Brooklyn-Based singer Hannah Bailey.

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