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Cover Photo - Aj Nickell



Michael Bucy - Trombone

Kimba - Dog Collar



Evan Crommett - Production, Backup Vocals

Hannah Bailey - Backup Vocals

Hana Bookman - Backup Vocals



Ashley Mayorquin - Co-writer, Vocals, Piano

Ian Michael - Producer


~Take a Picture of Me~

Keenan Wright - Drums

Ellie Van Amerongen - Vocals

Taylor Vidic - Vocals


~Recyclers of the Spirit World~

Hannah Bailey - Vocals

Anouk Otsea - Dance


~Take Your Time~

This was all me baby


~I Was So (Live at St. Nicholas Park)~

Ellie Van Amerongen - Mandolin, Friendship

Evan Crommett - Mastering


Additional Mastering:

Evan Crommett

Luke Aymon



Production Consulting:

Ashley Mayorquin

I.R. Michael

Evan Crommett

Luke Aymon

Zoë Stewart


Special Thanks:

Zoë Stewart

Abigail Taylor-Roth - vocals

Ruby Steedle - feeding me

Emily Craig - photography, housing

Virginia White - photography, housing me

Kay Rivera - using your midi

Ambrose Bucy - using your cello

Aleah Black - using YOUR cello

The Jorgenson House - recording in your space

Cory Pavitt - recording in your space

Betsy Sims and the JACC - mic stand!

Taylor Vidic - support, vocals, encouragement

Johnny Conolly - support vocals, encouragement

Anouk Otsea - dancing, inspiration

Beth Loudon - additional artwork

Paul and Rhonda and Reed Gardenier - I wrote two of these songs at your place!

Mom and Dad


Kevin Siegfried


Youtube for teaching me a whole tone of stuff

Someday these songs will become a musical!

Thank YOU for listening! <3 <3 <3

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