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Robot X  



Robot X began as a character in the late-night basements of Bushwick. They are a trans-nonbinary artist from Saturn and a self-described conduit for cosmic love. Robot X's improvisational violin skills run through effectors and synthesizers to become an antenna to the universe, communicating deep emotions with ease.

In spring of 2021, mid pandemic, Robot X began collaborating with musician and writer Nebula, the Velvet Queen. The duo helped reassemble and transport Brooklyn audiences into a hypnotic world of spoken word, theramin-generated sub-bass vibration, and wistful string melodies. The two were often joined by dancers, who improvised movement to their hypnotic and resonant sound.


Movement, rebirth, pain, and desolation are themes that currently run through Robot X's catalogue. 

How can a song be like a painting?

"Robot X's Garden" continues the construction of this universe and its cosmic entities, and represents growth and change in the desolation setting prior. It pushes the boundaries of violin playing to create sonic images that feel both dreamlike and tangible. 

Each piece on the EP is a vignette that transcends genres and creates a brief and vibrant world. They work together to inspire psychedelic states and synesthetic visions in the mind of the listener.

Inspiration for this project came from a number of sources, including Ravel's Bolero, Georges Seurat's paintings, and the Home Depot Beat. It flows between techno, ambient, noise and glitch music, all while being violin-driven and devised improvisationally.

"Robot X's Garden" will release this November. Listen to a preview below!

Access Code Cover Art_v5.0.jpg
Access Code_v2.6Robot X
00:00 / 02:49
Seaweed_v2.2Robot X
00:00 / 01:42
Tree 2.1Robot X
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